What are the main benefits of Arqlite Smart Gravel?

Arqlite Smart Gravel can replace mineral gravel and coarse aggregates in a variety of ways. It is 3x lighter than mineral gravel, 10x better for thermal and acoustic insulation and long lasting.

Is Arqlite Smart Gravel safe for gardening and drainage?

Arqlite is completely safe and does not harm the health of your soil and plants. Check out our videos here to see gardeners and landscapers using our Smart Gravel.

Does Arqlite really use only recycled material?

It is true! 100% of the material used for Arqlite Smart Gravel is made from discarded plastics. We condition and treat each piece to create our product.

The gravel is going to be always the same color and shape?

Not all of our Gravel looks the same; your bag will come with some pieces that have a bit more character than others. Don't worry; the mix of sizes and shapes is great for drainage purposes. We like to say there is no ugly in recycled! 

Return & Refound Policy

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